Challenging Freshwater Scarcity with Solar Origami

Orisun – An Origami Deployable Solar Concentrator


Water Purification, Desalination, Solar Cooking, and Electricity Generation

Orisun’s mission is to challenge the scarcity of freshwater around the world through the development of  lost cost, ultralight, portable, sustainable, compact deployable, solar concentrators for water purification, desalination, solar cooking, and electricity generation. With natural disasters, war, pollution, and climate change spurring water stress for 2 billion people around the world, sustaining the availability of fresh water for drinking, sanitation, and permaculture is most critical. Through the development of small to very large scale solar collectors, Orisun aims to address these challenges.

Orisun wins 1st place at Startup Weekend UCSB!

The Orisun Team

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